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    Allegheny County records and u.s. census records provide information on Uzziah and Jane E. Stewart.

    Uzziah Stewart was born in Pennsylvania in 1790. He was one of eight children who lived to adulthood of William Stewart. His mother's name is unknown. In 1801, William Stewart purchased a 100-acre tract of land in Plum Township, including the present site of 131 School Road, from John Stewart Jr. and his wife, Jane Stewart. The family relationship of William Stewart and John Stewart Jr. is not known.

    The 1801 deed with which William Stewart purchased 100 acres from John Stewart Jr. stated that William Stewart resided in Plum Township and John Stewart resided in Elizabeth Township. It appears likely, therefore, that William Stewart was the ftrst person to farm on the property.

    William Stewart died in or before 1827. Stewart died without a will, resulting in the inheritance of equal 1/8 interests in his property by each of his eight adult children. One of his children, U zziah Stewart, purchased his siblings' 1/8 interests in the Stewart farm property for $100 per share between 1827 and 1838.

    The federal government conducted the ftrst census of population in 1790, and took censuses every ten years thereafter. Uzziah Stewart was enumerated as the head of a household for the ftrst time in 1820. In that year, Stewart lived in Plum Township. Census records do not provide names of other persons in Stewart's household, but show that the household contained one male aged 26 to 44 (Uzziah Stewart), two males aged 19 to 25, one male aged 16 to 18, one female aged 16 to 25, and one female aged 10 to 15. Three members of the household earned a living in agricultural work.

    Known records do not indicate whether Uzziah and Jane E. Stewart were married yet in 1820, when he was 30 and she was 15 or 16. Given the ages of residents ofUzziah Stewart's household in 1920, it appears possible that both of his parents had died by that time and that he was enumerated as the head of a household that consisted of himself and younger siblings

    Uzziah and Jane E. Stewart, also a Pennsylvania native, were probably married in the early or mid-1820s. Joseph Campbell Stewart, their ftrst child, was born in 1825 or 1826. Following were William F. Stewart in 1829-30, Jane E. Stewart in 1833-34, and Uzziah Stewart Jr. in 1837-38.

    Uzziah Stewart began to acquire his siblings' interest in the farm that his father had owned in Plum Township in 1827, after his father's death. Stewart took more than a decade to acquire full title to the property. In 1827, Stewart made his ftrst purchase of interest in the farm property with John Summerhill of Plum Township. Stewart was the sole grantee when he acquired the

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