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    remaining interests in the farm, and in 1838 he bought Summerhill's 1/16 interest.

    It appears likely that Jane E. Stewart was a member of the Summerhill family. Records of the 1850 census show that three members of the Summerhill family lived with the Stewart family at 131 School Road, and less detailed records of the 1830 and 1840 censuses suggest that at least one Summerhill family member resided with the Stewarts in those years. A member of the Summerhill family was also a witness to Uzziah Stewart's will in 1852.

    The 1830 population census enumerated Uzziah Stewart as the head of a household of six people in Plum Township. The Stewart household consisted of one male aged 30-39 (Uzziah Stewart), two males under age five (Joseph C. and William F. Stewart), one female 20-29 (Jane E. Stewart), and females whose ages were 10-14 and 60-69. It is possible that the woman in her sixties was Hannah Summerhill, whose age was recorded as 83 when she lived with the Stewart family in 1850. The identity of the female who was 10 to 14 years old is not known.

    The 1830 census recorded the Stewart family as living close to a family headed by James Summerhill.

    In 1840, the Stewart household contained seven persons. Census records list them as one male age 40-49 (Uzziah Stewart), one male under age five (Uzziah Stewart Jr.), two males who were 10-14 (Joseph C. and William F. Stewart), one female between 20 and 29 (probably Jane E. Stewart enumerated incorrectly), one female under age five (the younger Jane E. Stewart), and one female between 50 and 59 (unknown; possibly Hannah Summerhill enumerated incorrectly). One member of the Stewart family was employed in agriculture.

    Records of the 1850 census provide information on each member of the Stewart family, unlike earlier censuses. Uzziah Stewart was listed as a 60-year old farmer. Jane E. Stewart, 46, had no occupation, although it is certain that she kept house for her family and may have assisted with farm chores. Uzziah and Jane E. Stewart's children were Joseph c., 24, and William, 20, both farmers, and Jane E., 16, and Uzziah Jr., 12. Living with the Stewart family were Hannah Summerhill, 83, Elizabeth Summerhill, 21, and Joseph Summerhill, 66, all with no occupation.

    Agricultural census records are available beginning in 1850 and provide valuable information on the Stewart family farm in that year. In 1850, the Stewart farm contained 80 acres that were improved, or cleared, and 28 acres unimproved. The farm was valued at $4320 and contained implements and machinery valued at $75. Livestock on the Stewart farm consisted of seven horses, five milk cows, one other cow, 15 sheep and 10 swine, worth a total of $482. During the previous year the farm had produced 375 bushels of wheat, 100 bushels of com, 700 bushels of oats, 40 pounds of wool, 20 bushels of

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