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Historical records and original architectural features of 131 School Road indicate that the house was constructed during the 1830s. The house was built for Uzziah Stewart, a farmer in what was then Plum Township. Stewart had 131 School Road built in the Greek Revival style. The Greek Revival style is displayed in the house's low-pitched roof and in its centered front entry with multi-light transom, sidelights, cornerblocks and dentil trim.

Uzziah Stewart was one of eight children of William Stewart, who had acquired a 100-acre tract of land called "Grafton" in Plum in 1801. William Stewart farmed on the property until his death in or before 1827. After William Stewart's death, Uzziah Stewart acquired his siblings' interest in his father's farm over a period of ten years or more.

Uzziah Stewart and his wife, Jane E. Stewart, had four children: Joseph C., William F., Jane E., and Uzziah Jr. Their two younger children, Jane E. and Uzziah Jr., were born in the 1830s, and it is possible that the growth of the Stewart family during that decade contributed to the decision to construct 131 School Road.

Records of agricultural censuses taken in the mid-nineteenth century show that the Stewart farm produced wheat, corn, oats, wool, potatoes, butter, hay, buckwheat, and orchard products.

Uzziah Stewart died in 1852. After his death, ownership of his farm passed to his wife, Jane E. Stewart. His oldest son, Joseph, managed the farm. Jane E. Stewart died in 1863, and the farm then passed to the four Stewart children. The Stewart children lost the farm in 1868, after a creditor forced a sale of the property.

Subsequent owners of the farm at 131 School Road included George W. Reiter, who owned the farm between 1891 and 1928. Reiter had a large barn built at 131 School Road in 1895.

The former Stewart farm at 131 School Road has now had a total of seven owners. Detailed information on the history of 131 School Road is contained in this web page and links.

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