Ownership over the years (pg. 3)


    April 25. 1868 (Deed Book 226: 468): Nathaniel Nelson, trustee appointed the Orphan's Court of Allegheny County, conveyed 131 School Road to Thomas Ewing of Pittsburgh for $6815. The house occupied the tract of land that had been known as Grafton. The tract had the same boundaries as it had at the time of the original survey but was described as containing 106 acres rather than 10 acres. This deed also conveyed an adjoining parcel containing 1.98 acre.

    April 1, 1869 (Deed Book 339: 181): Thomas and Julia R. Ewing of Pittsburgh conveyed 131 School Road to Andrew Grubbs of Plum T ownshi] for $9000. This deed conveyed the original tract of 100 or 106 acres.

    Andrew Grubbs died intestate while owning 131 School Road.

    January 7. 1891 (Deed Book 727: 534): Mrs. Candace C. Grubbs, widow of Andrew Grubbs, and Sadie E. Grubbs, Martha E. Grubbs, John B. and Mart A. Grubbs, Cye S. and Lizzie Glunt, all of Plum Township, and Mary Louise Grubbs, Maggie S. Grubbs, Elmer G. Grubbs, all of the 21st Ward of Pittsburgh, conveyed 131 School Road to George W. Reiter of the 21st War of Pittsburgh for $3500 and in exchange for a house and lot in the 21st Warl Pittsburgh valued at $3500. The 21st Ward of Pittsburgh contained part of Homewood and East Liberty.

    This deed conveyed the tract of land that Andrew Grubbs had purchased in 1869, less a parcel of 11 acres that had been sold off of it. The property boundaries were described as beginning at the Plum Creek Presbyterian Church by the public road, and being bounded on the southeast by lands of James McJunkin Jr., on the south by land of Samuel McMahon, on the southwest by land of Christopher and Lewis Ritter, on the northwest by land of Henry P. Hunter, and on the north by land of Martin T. Joyner and the Plum Creek Presbyterian Church.

    December 22. 1927 (Deed Book 2342: 353,2347: 236): Title to 131 Schoo Road was placed in the names of both George W. and Sadie A. Reiter ofM, Butler County.

    Sadie A. Reiter died on December 31, 1927. George W. Reiter died on March 22, 1928.

    March 27. 1939 (Deed Book 2621: 97): Harry K. and Francis G. Reiter, executors of the estate of George W. Reiter, conveyed 131 School Road to George R. and Kathryn M. Grosz of New Kensington for $2250. This deed conveyed two adjoining tracts of land containing a total of 35.437 acres.

    Plum Township became Plum Borough on January L 1958.

    George R. Grosz died on June 21, 1969. He was survived by Kathryn M. Grosz.

    November 21, 1970 (Deed Book 4916: 573): Kathryn M. Grosz, widow, of Plum, conveyed School Road to Dorothy G. and Robert L. Parsons, her daughter and son-in-law, of Evansville, Indiana, and G. Robert and Ruth S. Grosz, her son and daughter-in-law, of DelMar, California, for $1. This deed conveyed the tract of land on which 131 School Road now stands, containing 29.26 acres.

    September 18, 1979 (Deed Book 6227: 713): G. Robert Grosz conveyed his interest in 131 School Road to Dorothy Parsons.

    March 28, 1993 (Deed Book 8937: 448): John J. Lane Jr. and Cindy P. Lane purchased 131 School Road from Dorothy G. and Robert L. Parsons.

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