Strik'in Oil, Oh Ya!

One day I came home from work and did not notice the sound of the electric well pump chugg'in away on the hill. As I peered around the barn, I was surprised to see that the cyclone fence and all the well hardware was gone. I sort of figured that something may be up. Earlier in the year, a well up the connector line had been re-drilled and refrac'ed. Hmmmmm, maybe it was our turn. The next day when I came home there was equipment on site and that sealed the deal. The drill boys did not waste any time excavating the site and digging a primary waste pit. Then they trucked in tri-axles of flat sandstone to spread as a working surface. Once the site setup was complete, the drill crew arrived and in two days were drilling. For about a week they were steadily drilling there way down and then it all came to a stop. Yep...the drill got stuck. So it took about two or three days to free it up. Once free they were drilling again. By this time they had to be at the bottom of the well, however they just keep drilling and drilling and drilling and the ponds keep filling and filling and filling. Then I came home from work and noticed no activity at the drill site. I walked up to the site and noticed the area was covered in oil. I mean it was everywhere and the well was capped. The next day equipment began disappearing and new stuff replaced it. Tanks, white sand, water buffalo's and different well equipment. The next morning around 4:00 AM I heard a horrendous amount of noise at the well site. I looked out the window and saw tons of lights. It was like the entire drill site was covered in trucks, equipment and lights. While leaving for work I snapped a couple of shots from our access road on the hill. When I came home from work everything was gone, everything. I expected to see mass pandemonium and mayheam. A few days later excavating equipment, tanks , piping and a straw spreader with round bails arrived. Slowly the site began being landscaped and transformed backed to normal. My wife did a little tank painting to add that special touch. She painted stars -n- strips to match the barn.

equipment on site
site setup
New Stuff
Covered in Trucks
Tank Setup
Some Piping
Tank Painting

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