Miscellaneous Hose Routing
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At this point there are only a few hose connections left. I left these until last as they were an easy route and install.

This is a view of an existing vacuum port on the top of the intake manifold. Since no drilling machining is needed, it will serve as a perfect port to tap vacuum from.

I have a nice little hose fitting salvaged fro an old Rochester Quadra-Jet. Here I am mixing up a little epoxy to cement the fitting into the vacuum port.

The fitting was tight enough, of a fit, that it required pliers to screw it in. Once complete, the vacuum line is ready to be connected.

This is the basic route of the vacuum line. I used a lot of hose to allow for large sweeping bends an to avoid interference with other engine components.

The vacuum line, from the intake manifold, connects to a vacuum tee where it branches to the CNG regulator and to the manifold vacuum/injector pressure sensor.

Last but least, the CNG supply hose needed to be run. Here I am connecting the CNG fuel filter to the supply hose.

The supply hose runs from the CNG regulator to a tee between the two fuel injector rails.