Installing Stickers
(Click any pic for an enlarged view)

NFPA 52 has a requirement for informational stickers or labels to be a fixed in particular locations. The standard indicates the various information needed, however gave no examples of size or what they should look like. So I got creative and made some stickers with Adobe Photo Deluxe.

Here is the finished stickers printed with my color laser printer on vinal transfer paper.

This sticker calls out the CNG shutoff valve. I did not see it in NFPA 52, however it probably is in there so I added it.

Here is the main informational sticker. With no picture example to go by I got kind a fancy with the graphics. All the information is called out in NFPA 52.

This is a required sticker. I purchased 5 of them off Ebay for $1.68 each and free shipping.

I found this Natural Gas Emblem on Ebay and purchased it months ago. I thought it added a nice touch.

This is the last informational sticker needed. With no picture example to go by I just put the information that was called for in NFPA 52.

There is probably more stickers needed, however I could not find them. I will let the critics school me. For the current time, this is as good as it is going to get.