Installing the Shutoff Valve
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With the CNG fuel line routed to the engine compartment, it was time to install the shutoff valve and plumb the lines. My first attempt at mounting the shutoff valve left the outlet pointing vertical. When a 90° elbow was installed it hit the hood. Ugggggg

Using the original mount, I sawed off the end and fabricated a new one. Here I am clamping the old mount to the new end.

I TIG welded the mount without using any filler metal. The weld sank a little.

Here I flipped the mount over and welded the back side. I used a filler rod this time.

Here all the necessary fittings are installed on the shutoff valve.

This is a preliminary fit up to check for clearance and alignment.

Another view from the rear underside. Everything looks good so far.

Here is the finished bracket and valve assembled and ready for final install.

The bracket is installed and the inlet line connected. The outlet line is pre bent and screwed onto the valve outlet.

The CNG line is bent over the arc of the fan shrould and a stainless steel rubber-cushioned loop clamp is added for fit up.

When I got to the regulator I noticed that the inlet had a metric compression fitting which pointed toward the rear. This created a near impossible 90° bend that just was not going to work.

So I screwed the fitting out of the regulator and lathed off the end. Then drilled and tapped the fitting for a 1/4" pipe thread.

Here I wrapped a 90° elbow with white teflon tape and white teflon pipe dope.

Then assembled it to the machined fitting and onto the regulator.

With that the CNG supply line now bends over the regulator and connects to the vertical end of the elbow..

With the routing of the stainless steel CNG line completed. A major mile stone has been met.