Rail Injector Wiring
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The rail injector wiring was pretty uneventful. The only real issue is that the 2 injector harnesses have a total of 8 connections. If you have a 6 cylinder conversion kit, like I do, you will be somewhat confused. However you can call tech support for clarification anytime needed.

Before I get going, I needed to cap off some miscellaneous wires. There are wires that splice into the front and rear oxygen sensors. Technocarb feels that by tuning the Technocarb ECM you will not need to do this wiring.

My guess is if you have a problem child conversion, these wires will provide the emulation needed to keep the MIL light from coming on.

Here are the 8 injector wires. They are lettered A,B,C,D and E,F,G,H.

Since the Trailblazer has an L6 engine, I needed to cut and cap off, with shrink tubing, the D and H wires to make 6 total.

Once the +/- wires of the D cable was capped, both wires are capped again inside red shrink tubing.

The other end of the of the rail injector plug cable has a pair of connectors that plug into the harnesses coming from the Technocarb ECM.

Here the F,G,H injector plugs are heading for a rendezvous with the injector rail for cylinders 4, 5, 6.