Fill Nozzle install
(Click any pic for an enlarged view)

There is not a lot of fluff here. Above are the parts to mount the CNG fill nozzle. The bracket is a hunk of 1/4" bar with holes drilled.

This is another view showing assembly of the parts. There is a NFPA 52 requirement which dictates how much pressure the mount must withstand before breaking away. (next)

I have no idea how to calculate that, however the mount is 1/4" x 2" bar with (4) 5/16" bolts mounting it to the frame. The frame is two overlapped 3/16" steel parts welded. I tapped the mount holes. To insure no rust, I coated the mount area with Bel-Ray Marine grease.

This is the fueling nozzle. Another part salvaged from a bi-fuel Cavalier. It is sweet not having to buy these parts retail. Plus it is difficult just finding vendors that will deal with you.

I fabricated this special socket years ago. I took a 36mm socket and drilled out the end to clear the fueling nozzle. I then welded a 1" pipe fitting on the socket. The fueling nozzle is recessed in a Cavalier and this is the solution to getting it out.

Here is a pic showing the assembly installed. I got the rubber nozzle cover off of Ebay. Thank God for Ebay.

Another shot of the fueling nozzle. I picked up a 1/4" O-ring boss fitting that screwed into the back of the nozzle perfectly.

This was probably the easiest bracket and install of the whole project. I wish more tasks were this easy.