Fuel Gauge Interface Module
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Technocarb had no special instructions for locating and mounting the Fuel Gauge Interface Module (FGIM). So making a bracket and mounting it will should be a snap. I decided to mount the FGIM next to the Manifold Vacuum/Injector Pressure Sensor. There was ample room for the FGMI. With enough left to get to the special fuse that needs to be installed on the hot wire of the FGMI.

I started out by making a quick paper template of the bracket and transferring it to metal for cutting. This is the piece that will bolt to the radiator support.

The next piece will have the FGMI mounted to it and will hang down in the space between the battery and headlight.

The mount hole is drilled.

A little preliminary fit up to make sure the fit is correct.

Here the bracket is clamped up to a piece of iron plate. This will give a nice 90° angle on the bracket.

A single pass with the TIG welder takes care of securing the two pieces of the bracket.

Here the bracket is flipped over and a fillet weld applied to the other side.

I decided to just drill and tap two holes for machine screws. This will make maintenance easy.

Here is an assembled view of the FGIM mounted on the bracket. A little trip to the painting area and the assembly is ready for install.