Mounting the Technocarb ECM
(Click any pic for an enlarged view)

When mounting the ECM, Technocarb had a few important recommendations. First, mount the ECM away from high heat and excessive moisture. Second, do not mount anywhere on the engine. Third, secure the harness with tie straps. With that I set out to find a mount location. My biggest concern was ease of wiring and locational access.

I found that location to be the top of the fuse box. The ECM was completely out in the open and in close proximity to all the wiring components.

So I whipped together a pair of aluminum tab brackets, dug up some 1/4x20 bolts and a pair of pan head machine screws.

This is a view showing the ECM bolted to the fuse box. You will need to be careful with placement as there is a relay close to where the hole is drilled. Poor placement means your locknut will hit the relay.

Here is a an end view. I thought of spinning the ECM 180° to point the main harness toward the engine, however the harness would be dangling over the work area and brake master cylinder.

and another view. Pointing the wiring harness toward the drivers fender provides a nice valley to tuck the wiring down into, keeping it out of sight.