Here is the process of cutting a Cavalier tank Cradle apart
(Click any pic for a enlarged view)

This is a pallet of two Cavalier CNG tanks, cradles, covers and other parts. I purchased them off Ebay from a guy in New York.

The pallet has been sitting around for about 9 months. This is the first time I opened it. I have purchased from this guy before and everything I received exceeded my expectations.

Wow, the tanks look like new. They will be destine for the Trailblazer. What I am after are the cradles.

Here is a pic of one of the cradles before I hack it to pieces.

The first order of business is to cut the cradle in half.

Here is the other cut on the back side.

A little slice here, a little chunk there.

Off comes the lower support.

Now I am attacking the rear of the cradle for some extra clearance.

With some extra clearance, I can take another cut at the front support.

Here I am cutting the rear to gain some clearance for another cut on the front.

Here is a another cut at the front.

Here is another cut at the front from the bottom.

and another cut.

Just about finished. It is down to a few cuts left.

Finally the last cut.

A little grinding & sanding and the brackets are done.

Here is the manufacturer that GM uses for their Cavalier tank brackets.