Hot and Ground Wiring
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A quick study of the wiring diagram indicated that I needed to install 3 fuses on battery hot. One to power the Technocarb ECM, one to power the Fuel Gauge Interface Module and one to power the CNG regulator. Also needed were 2 grounds in different locations. This was required for redundancy.

I started out by trying to crimp some eyelets onto the end some wires, however I did not like the way the crimp looked and seamed flimsy.

Here I striped away the plastic insulator and removed a round inner sleeve. The eyelet was left with small tabs that could be rolled over the wire. A little solder and shrink tubing and our hot wires are done.

This is a shot of the fuse box. It has a fantastic battery hot bus bar that allowed me to bolt down all the hot wires. This is as good as it gets for a solid connection.

Here is a shot of one of two ground wires. I used the same eyelet technique on the ground as I did on the hot wires.

Between the fuse box and battery there is an existing ground boss located on the fender well.

Here the connection is made. Notice the large ground wire under my added ground. This wire goes to a large central ground buss.

I found this existing ground on the fire wall. It is the same configuration as the fender ground.

I attached my second redundant ground here. It also has a direct ground wire running to the central ground bus.

So far I have been using a pencil iron to solder my connections and it struggled as you can see here.

So the solution was to pull out the big gun to handle heavy wire connections.

Back to the job at hand. Here I am connecting power and ground feeders to the components located forward.

The main harness has connections to power on an HPL (High Pressure Lockoff). I have two of them, one for each CNG tank. However I have no idea what the amperage draw of two HPL's would be. So I set up my trusty DC power supply and dug out a spare Cavalier HPL.

I set up a series circuit with my multi-meter set to amps. It ends up the HPL only draws a little over half an amp. So the Technocarb ECM should have no problem powering 2 HPL's. With that I finished the wiring the HPL's into the main harness.