The Steelers Room

At one time this was a Victorian sitting parlor with antiques and decor
from the 1800's. Then I came along and the rest is history.

Click on any picture to get an enlarged view!

Here is a view of my pool table. It is an
Olhausen, Sheraton Series, 8 footer
with an oak oil finish.

The gaming-cloth surface is from
Imperial International


Here is another shot from a
different angle. Notice the Jack
Lambert wall to the left.

Here is a better shot of the wall.

This is an authentically signed Jack
Lambert jersey in a Steelers wall case.

The top piece of art is also
authentically signed by Jack Lambert.

This is the suds corner where my
beer meister sits. I use to drink Beck's
Dark until the price went to $120.00 a
half barrel. Now I drink Yuengling Lager
at $79.00 a half barrel.

Here is the Superbowl wall. It has
framed copies of the front pages of

the Pittsburgh Post Gazette.

Here is another shot. Notice the center
piece of art. It is a tribute it the inaugural
season played at the newly built Heinz Field.

I call this the Joey Porter wall. The top
piece of art was given to me by Robert
Levin of "Levin Furniture" fame. The rest of the
art is collections of ticket stubs from previous years.

Here is a shot of the cue stick rack. I got it from
West End Billards, Murrysville, PA. Notice the
the lucky Steelers gnome on the
knicknack table.

This is the Ben Roethlisberger wall. Originally
I was not a believer in Ben, however after making
it to the promised land twice, I am now a follower.

This autographed piece of art is of Ben in snow.
I picked it up from a offical NFL vendor at the
NFL experience. In the lower left corner is Ben,s
holographic security sticker.

Here is another shot of Ben. It was taken by
Stephanie Lawson. She was assisting a Sporting
News photographer and snapped it. I cropped it
and printed it for my collection.

The pic on the left is my Ben flying picture. I do not
remember where I got it. However it shows a
Baltimore birdie try to tackle Ben as he flys away.
The picture on the right is another Stephanie
Lawson shot.

This is the beginning of my Superbowl XL
tribute. I will be moving some pictures out and
adding more Superbowl XL stuff.

Here is another shot of the SBXL corner. Notice
the picture of the chief. I saw a picture just like
this at SBXL of a dude in the stands holding
up the poster. I began this relentless search for
the poster and after two weeks, I gave up.

However along the way I found a medium resolution
JPG of the chief that matched the poster. So I
downloaded it, blew it up with Paintshop Pro and
added the text. I then emailed the JPG to a poster
printer who printed it for $19.50.

Here are ticket stubs for the 2005
season. The first ticket is missing
due to the previous PSL seat owner
was sitting there. I purchased
his PSL's and sat there the
rest of the season.

Here is a complete set of 2006
ticket stubs.

This is the 2007 75th Steelers
anniversary tribute. It contains all 10 ticket
stubs plus playoff tickets and a 75th patch.

Here is my Suberbowl XLIII ticket tribute. It contains
a complete collection of all the ticket stubs for the
2008 season. There are 10 regular season
tickets, two playoff tickets and the big
prize, Superbowl XLIII ticket. There is also a
gold plated medallion given to fans who attended
SBXLIII and a ticket from the NFL experience.

Here is a picture taken by Stephanie
Lawson. I cropped and printed it, then
took it to a filming of the Hines Ward
show. At the first intermission he came
down to the front and signed it for me.

Here is a framed picture signed by Alan
Fanica. I really miss Alan, he was
the epitome of what is is to be
a Steeler.

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