Wiring The Fuse Box
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One of the most important aspects of wiring is sound power connections. Power loss or intermittent power problems will cause erratic operation. The system used here is about as sound as it gets.

The Silverado fuse box has two power posts on it's front side. The right post or lower one from above is vacated. There is an empty fuse slot next to the tan colored 30 amp. The vacated fuse slot corresponds the the right post.

I plugged in a blue 20 amp fuse the right post is now the perfect + power source.

This is the main power wire assembly. I am using the original fuse assembly only because I can. A large eyelet had to be soldered and shrink tubing applied. A little wire loom is applied and the assembly is ready for installation

Here the positive wire is bolted to the power post and the power wire routed forward.

The next connections are ground. I use a double redundant ground system. Here is one ground wire attached to a OEM wire braided ground.

The second ground is attached at the alternator bracket ground on the engine block. A volt ohm meter is used to test the continuity of both grounds.

Here the Battery cover cover is replaced and the + power wire is spliced into the ECM wiring harness.

Fortunately the Silverado has excellent positive and negative wiring possibilities. This makes the job easy. Any day you don't have to monkey power connections on a battery is a good day.