Fabricating The CNG Supply Hose Bracket
(Click any pic for a enlarged view)

A problem I noticed was the long distance the rail injector supply hose had to travel, unsupported from the alternator to the CNG regulator. A support bracket would need to be fabricated to protect the hose.

Here I am sizing up a bracket template made from cardboard. Once the template is finalized, it will be transferred to steel.

With that I chucked up a piece of 1" x 1/4" bar in the electric band saw and cut to size.

A 5 pound sledge is used to pound the end flanges to the correct angles. A couple of trips to the engine compartment was needed to check the angles, fit and clearance.

The mount hole is drilled, de-bured and chamfered.

A quick trip to the sand blasting booth prepares the bracket for 3 coats of satin Rustoleum.

The finished bracket is mounted and bolted down.

The rail injector supply hose is fitted and clamped to the CNG regulator.

Zip ties are used to hold the CNG supply hose to the support bracket top flange. This will supply the proper support for the 1" diameter hose.

This is a view looking down on the bracket and supply hose.

Another view from a different angle.

I used gear clamps on the fuel filter to make it easy to replace. To remove an Oetiker clamp requires cutting it off and you do not want to got there.