Splitting The ECM Wiring Harness
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Once the Technocarb ECM is mounted it is time to route the wiring. On my Trailblazer conversion I needed to split the ECM wiring harness out of necessity. Since the splitting technique worked so good on the Trailblazer, I decided to use it here. The idea is to route wires that need to connect in the front of the engine compartment forward and route wires that need to connect on the engine rearward. This makes managing the wiring task easy and a much neater wiring job.

The first thing you need to do is to hang the harness for easy access. Then remove the rear connector shield. Just be careful not to pry the shield off. It will side forward once the zip tie is snipped off. Once the shield is off carefully unwrap the black cloth electrical tape and save it for later.

Here I have split all the cables out. Cables on the left are routed to the rear of the engine compartment. Cables on the right are routed to the front of the engine compartment.

This is Scotch fiberglass cloth electrical tape. Technocarb uses a similar product to tie the harness together and reinforce the pinch point on the ECM connector. After the harness is split we will need to provide the same reinforcement.

Here the two wire bundles are reassembled and taped up. Take care to align the wires so they do not cross over each other. Space is limited under the rear shield and cross wires will make the bundle to fat to fit under the rear shield.

If you saved the original black cloth tape cut it in two and over wrap the wire bundles as shown above. Keep the wrap tight.

Here I am adding another reinforcement wrap above the black cloth wrap.

The rear shield is slide back on. Take your time no to break the shield. It is only thin plastic and will break under force.

Here the ECM connector is attached to the ECM and the wires sub-harnesses are routed forward and rearward.

At this point black plastic loom can now be sized and applied to the various wires and routed to their final destination.