CNG Solenoid bracket Fabrication and install
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Since the SCI Type 3 tanks, I am using, only have a manual shutoff, I decided to add an electric solenoid valve. The reason for this is to contain the high pressure, from the tanks, to the smallest amount of tubing. With a check valve screwed into the first tank, a transfer tube from tank to tank and the solenoid valve connected to the second tank, high pressure gas is trapped in a small amount of tube.

To get started, this is a salvaged bracket from a Cavalier. It transitions the angler tank bracket to horizontal for bolting. Once the bottom is sawed off, it will provide the proper angle for welding my solenoid bracket

Here we begin the process of sawing metal. I have found that 1/4" thick bar makes more ridged brackets than 1/8" bar. So I have switched to the thicker bar for critical brackets.

There will be two angler pieces that will bolt to the tank bracket. Here the mounting hole is being drilled.

These are the three pieces that will form the bracket base. The metric screws used were the same ones that held the sawed apart transitional piece on.

Here the transitional piece is used as a welding template to obtain the proper angle of one side. The assembly is clamped and TIG welded.

After I realized that there would be minimum success jigging the angle correctly to fit, I bit the bullet and bolted the bracket in place for welding.

There is an element of collateral damage when welding directly on a vehicle. However once welded and cooled, the bracket now fits perfectly.

Before I weld the final piece of the bracket on, I decided to weld the other side of the bracket.

I think the weld was overkill, however it makes the bracket more ridged.

This is the final piece being fitted for the solenoid valve to bolt to.

A quick masking tape transfer template will give me the proper hole locations on the bracket.

The holes are transferred, drilled and chamfered.

Here the final piece is clamped and TIG welded.

I sand blasted the bracket, however decided to make a sanity fit up before I spend the time painting the bracket only to find I missed something.

After painting, another bulkhead fitting needs installed. I am using silicon rubber to seal out moisture so the floor does not rust.

Prep-Sol works OK for cleanup, however lacquer thinner is way better.

Once the bulkhead fitting and solenoid are installed, a piece of 1/4" tubing needs bent and fitted. I am using a 3" PVC pipe end for the relief loop diameter.

This is the final fit up and clearance check. All is well.

The AFC High-Pressure CNG Valve was a real steal. I got it in an Ebay auction for $35.00. Thank god for Ebay.