Fabricating the CNG Regulator Bracket
(Click any pic for a enlarged view)

This was a fun and easy bracket to make. No clearance problems and an open mount area with existing bolt holes to screw into.

The first order of business is to saw metal. I used a piece of 3"x1/4" bar as the base for the bracket.

Behind the left headlight is an empty battery tray. This is a great location to mount the regulator. Here I removed the tray for easy bracket fit up.

After laying out the tray contour, I chucked up the base in the Bridgeport and began cutting metal.

This is another view of the slot nearly finished.

Here the machined base is fitted in the pan. The mount holes are then scribed from the bottom.

The holes are drilled and chamfered.

This is a sanity check to make sure the base bolts up in the battery tray location.

With the base complete, it is time to extend up to the regulator. Here I am making a tape template of the regulators bolt pattern.

I took a piece of 2"x1/4" bar and milled out a slot to clear a boss on the regulator. then transferred the tape template to the bar.

The holes are center punched and then drilled.

When I bolted the bar to the regulator, I noticed the slot was just touching the boss. So back to the Bridgeport for some warranty work.

Now there is appropriate clearance around the boss. With a little fit up, the bar is cut to length.

This is a transitional piece from the base to the regulator. I am using magnetic angels to hold the pieces of bar together while I tack weld them.

After tack welding the front, I flipped the assembly over and TIG welded the back.

I then flipped it back over and TIG welded the front.

Here is the final clamp up and weld of the regulator face plate to the base.

The assembly is flipped over and the back side TIG welded.

With a quick trip to the sand blasting booth, it is ready for painting.

Well the bracket is finished and ready for installation.

After installing the battery pan, the regulator bracket bolts in perfect.

Next the regulator is mounted and clearance is checked. Well it off to the next task.