Rail Injector Supply Hose Plumbing
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There is a lot of open area around the intake manifold to route the rail injector supply hose. This open area makes the job a snap. Spend a little time pre-fitting the hose and supply tee. Also pay attention to the placement of the Oetiker 2-ear clamps. You need 180° clearance to clamp both sides.

The first thing you want to do is construct a sub-assembly. In the above view clearance problems are eliminated for two Oetiker clamps in the process.

Here the rail injector tee sub-assembly is connected to the left side rail injector.

The right side rail injector hose is then connected to the tee and clamped.

Two additional connections need to be made. The first is a vacuum hose connection to the intake manifold and the second is a pressure connection connected to the rail injector tee.

Here the rail injector supply hose, manifold vacuum hose and injector tee pressure hose are zip tied and routed under the intake plenum and alternator.

Here the hoses exit from under the alternator and are on there way to the CNG regulator.

Make sure you have clearance for the intake manifold cover or "hat" that fits on top of the intake.