Creating a Perfect 37° Flare
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Most people use compression fittings to connect up the plumbing, however I do not like compression fittings. I just have this paranoid fear of the fitting slipping loose and at 3600psi, all hell is going to break loose. So this page s designed to instruct one on how to get a perfect 37° flare. First of all I am using 316 Stainless Steel tubing. 316 stainless is very hard and technique is needed to get it right.

The first thing you need to do is cut the tubing. You can not saw or grind the tubing. You need to use a quality pipe cutter. I use a Ridge Tool cutter.

Once the tubing is cut you need to drill out the burr left by the cutter. Select a drill bit that matches the inside diameter of the tube and drill it out.

Once the drilling is done I hit the cut end with the 8" bench wire wheel. You can see the dull end above. Also slip on the ferrule and nut at this time. You will learn to hate do overs.

This is a Ridge Tool 37° flaring tool. The tube is chucked with about 1/32" above the flat of the tool. Then the tool is clamped in a vice. You need all the clamping power you can get. Remember this is not copper tube.

You will to center the flare carriage and tightening it down. Then take something an dab a little 3 in one electric motor oil on the tube end.

Next comes the cranking. I make two turns down and a one turn back. Keep this turning action going until the tool stops. This back and forth motion will polish the inside of the flare. This is a plus.

Here is the finished flare. Notice how shiny the inside of the flare is.

Here is another view. I will then take the tube back to the wire wheel for a little dressing.

. . . . . and another view.