Here is what comes in the kit
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Here is the kit as delivered. I purchased my kit from Ligonier Auto Works LTD, owner Dennis Sweeney. Instead of purchasing a Universal SVIS kit I opted for a vehicle specific kit (KIT-INJ-GM53PU-NGV-2). The vehicle specific kit adds additional cost to the conversion.

Once the box is opened and the components spread out on the assembly table, it becomes apparent that there are a lot of parts packed in a small box.

These are the right and left rail injectors. Each has a bracket that allows it to bolt to the existing intake manifold.

This is the ECM. It is exactly the same unit that came with the Trailblazer conversion kit.

This is the CNG fuel regulator. It is a Landi-Renzo unit. Very similar to the unit that came with the Trailblazer. I have nothing but good things to say about this regulator. It is small and compact making it easy to mount and connect up. If you have ever seen a Galileo CNG regulator, it has to be at least 3 times as big as the Landi-Renzo unit.

Here is the ECM main wiring harness. Easy to connect and easy to wire up.

Here is the GM Fuel System Controller Interface or "98-GMFSCI". This device prevents the gasoline fuel rail pressure from exceeding factory limits, while running on CNG.

This is the fuel pressure interface module or "98-LRFI-1". This device senses CNG fuel pressure and switches on the solenoid regulator valve.

Here is a bag of Oetiker 2-ear clamps and a CNG fuel filter.

This is the GM Fuel Gauge Reset Module or "98-GMFGRM". This module prevents the gasoline fuel gauge from setting a diagnostic trouble code when running on CNG.

This is a pack of 8.5 mm Aurora high energy spark plug wires. This was an extra cost in case the existing wires can not supply a hot enough spark. The Trailblazer is running fine on stock plugs and wires. I will try the stock route, however these will be in reserve.

This is a miscellaneous bag of zip ties, gear clamps, shrink tubing and plastic heater line tee's

Here is a bag of injector nozzles for the intake manifold and a vacuum tee with clamps.

This is the CNG injector rail tee. It splits the gas flow from the regulator to each CNG injector rail. It also contains a pressure port and temperature sensor.

These are harnesses extensions that allow you to splice into the vehicle ECM wiring harness.

The top unit is the ABE025 MAP sensor and the lower unit is the CNG fuel gauge, plus on/off CNG switch.

This is a miscellaneous bag of fuses, fuse holder, shrink tubing, metal crimp splices, etc.

These are miscellaneous hoses. On the Trailblazer conversion all the hoses were short except the injector nozzle and supply hoses.