Mounting the CNG/Fuel Level Gauge
(Click any pic for a enlarged view)

When mounting the CNG/Fuel Level Gauge you have two choices. Drill the dash or do not drill the dash. In my Trailblazer conversion I chose not to drill the dash and spent a day fabricating a funky aluminum bracket which did the job, however was not the optimum location. So this time around I drilled the dash

In the upper right corner of the dash is a heater/AC vent plate. You can pry it out and above some selector switches there is a open space behind the plate to drill a hole for the gauge.

Here the CNG/fuel level gauge is mounted to check for fit and clearance. It better work because the hole is not a do over.

This is a pic of what is behind the heater/AC vent. I will be a snap to route the interface wire up to the gauge as there is lots of open space behind the dash.

After a few feeble attempts I used some aluminum tape to hold down the interface wire. A loose wire will pinch in multiple places when the vent plate is replaced.

Once the vent is replaced and you are sitting in the drivers seat. The CNG/Fuel level gauge will be out in the open with an unobstructed view. Sweet.