Fuel Nozzle Bracket Fabrication and Installation
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As hard as I tried, I could not locate a place for the fueling nozzle that keep it above the rear fender. So a hanging bracket was going to need to be fabricated. In luck, I found a nice place off the rear bumper bracket.

The first order of business is cutting metal. A pair of 1/4"x2" drop down bars were cut.

The two bars were clamped in place to setup measurements for the rest of the bracket.

Here I am measuring for the face plate. I will also need to cut 2 pieces of bar to reach the back of the bumper.

The rest of the metal pieces are being cut and readied for assembly.

This is the face plate. It needs a 1" hole for the refueling nozzle to pass through. This is the starter hole being drilled.

I am chasing the pilot hole with a larger hole. This is needed to make the large 1" drill bit drill smoothly.

This is the finish pass with the 1" drill.

The drop down bars also need holes drilled into them to attach the bracket to the bumper mount.

Here are all the bracket pieces prepped and ready for welding.

The first welding pass will connect the drop down bars with the horizontals.

A little clean up makes something ugly looking pretty dam nice.

Speaking of ugly, this is the entire bracket clamped together and ready for welding. It took a while to get it right, however there are no do overs if it is not clamped correctly.

The insides are DC stick welded.

The outsides are TIG welded. Once the welding was finished it is off to the sand blasting boot and then 4 coats of satin black Rustoleum

Now it is time for the fuel nozzle assembly. This is a piece of salvaged 3/8" stainless steel CNG fuel line. The ORFS (O-Ring Face Seal) was already there. I added the 3/8" flare nut to the other end

This piece was also salvaged and only needed bent a little to fit what I needed it for.

Here are all the pieces laid out in an exploded view. The fueling nozzle and CNG check valve are both salvaged. Not much expense here.

With the bracket installed, the filling assembly is bolted up.

This is another view from the bottom.

All that is left is to bend and install a transitional tube from a bulkhead fitting to the filling assembly. I noticed that the 3/8" tubing came close to the edge of the bracket bar.

I salvaged a bunch of these rubber isolation bushings and another one comes in handy.

I added the rubber bushing to the tube. It was a tight squeeze to get it in there, however it is a great fix for a small problem.

Another view showing everything connected up.