Multi Module Bracket Fabrication
(Click any pic for a enlarged view)

I had to fabricate the same bracket for the Trailblazer. So this time around improvements would be made to the design. Also I decided to combine the 98-LFRI-1, 98-GMFGRM and ABE025 MAP sensor modules on the same bracket.

As usual the bracket starts out by cutting metal. This is an 1/8" bar that. It was leftover scrap from a fabrication shop. I purchased in a bundle of scrap stock.

Since this bracket bolts to the existing battery tray bolt holes, I traced the holes on the base plate and drilled them out.

The outside holes were easy. The middle battery tray hole was a slot and masking tape is used to transfer the location to the base.

This is a test fit at the battery tray bolt location. The base bolts up perfectly.

Here a vertical piece of bar is TIG welded to the base.

This is the ABE025 MAP sensor. It reads manifold vacuum and rail injector gas pressure. The readings are sent to the Technocarb ECM via a signal cable.

A piece of 1/8" bar is cut to make the mounting.

The MAP sensor is laid out. The vacuum and pressure hoses must be secured from movement. Movement will cause damage ti the sensor.

This is a scrap piece of 3/8" stainless tubing. I am cutting 2 pieces to act as standoffs for the stainless steel cushion line clamps.

Got to love when a plan comes together.

Another view. The grade 8 bolts are over kill, however I have a ton to get rid off.

The finished MAP sensor plate is clamped and readied for welding. The red coffee can provides support to steady the TIG torch.

It is clamped again and the other side is welded.

Next to be mounted is the 98-FGR, which is the GM fuel gauge reset module. Here I am tapping out the top hole for the module.

The module is screwed down and the lower hole is marked.

Last but least is the 98-LRFI-1, which is the GM fuel pressure interface module. It is mounted right below the 98-FGR.

This is a sanity fit up to make sur everything fits and no interferences are encountered.

A quick trip to the sandblasting booth and off to be painted.

Doh and double Doh. I forgot to test install the bracket with the CNG regulator installed. So here I am welding an extension plate on.

I hate when this happens. What a mess to fix.

Well at least I admit my mistakes.