Routing The CNG Tube in the Engine Compartment
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Once the CNG regulator was mounted a route from the left side of the engine to the right side could be viewed. I decided to splice a intermediate tube from the regulator to a union connecting the CNG supply line. This will allow removal of the intermediate piece for any repair work around the fan shroud. The first thing that needed to be done was to fabricate at least 2 standoffs to support the CNG line. There are two holes with bolts welded on the back side on the right and left radiator mount.

The standoff starts out as a piece of 3/8" stainless steel tube cut from an old Cavalier salvage. This serves as the spacer.

This is what Chevy used to bolt the a Cavalier CNG tank mount through the floor. It will supply the perfect bolt for the spacer.

Here the spacer, bolt and 3/16" stainless steel cushion clamp are assembled on the intermediate CNG line. Dam, it almost looks OEM.

Here is the CNG supply line in the engine compartment. I had to move some hoses around to bend the supply line to the correct orientation for final connection.

This is a view of the intermediate tube bent and fitted. Both the supply line and intermediate tube cross just out of the picture.

Once the overlap is cut away, I began flaring the ends. My first attempt failed and I had to apply clamps. After that the flares were perfect.

The union, standoffs and intermediate tube is fitted and installed.

Here is a view looking right to left.

This is a view from the other side.