Setup and Rework

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Here is the MCH-5 sitting inside my.
refueling area ready to be unwrapped.

Once unpacked and off the pallet, I
realized how heavy the thing was,
just under 400 Lbs


The first thing I noticed was that the gas inlet
was on the wrong side for where I wanted
to set the compressor.

After removing the 3/4" valve and filter, I
needed to make a bracket to mount the
filter on the outside.

Here is a pic showing the right side panel
spun 180° with the mounted filter. This
will allow the panel to mount on the left side.

This street elbow was suppose to have a
1" Ø ID. When I was finished it was.

Here is the unassembled parts that make
up the inlet plumbing on the inlet filter.

Here is a pic showing the assembly
and 1" Ø inlet hose.

I fabricated this bracket for the rear of the
compressor. It screws to the floor and
rear panel.

Here is a pic of the front bracket installed.

This is the electrical setup.

Since the unit is 3 phase, I needed to
install a frequency inverter to convert
single phase to 3 phase. The inverter allows
me to use push button micro switches to
digitally power up and shutdown the unit.
Contained in the water tite box is a AC
contactor switch and a manual switch to
activate the contactor.

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