Separators and Filters

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It you are not using well gas, you can skip this page. As nice as the MCH-5 is, it does not do a good job of removing water vapor from the gas stream. Unlike a scuba compressor, which has water separators on every stage, the MCH-5 only has a separator on the final stage. This means that water will make it to your tank. I have set up a gauntlet of dryers, separators and filters to clean up the gas stream before it hits the tank. Below are pic's and information on the various units.

Here is a pic of the whole bank all lined up.
The hoses came from an scuba outfit on
the left coast

This is the first stage water separator from
a Coltri scuba compressor. I got it off
Ebay from the guy who would not sell
me the Coltri CE-750 compressor oil.

This is Parker-Hannifin CNG filter. It is
good to 6000 psi. I am not sure what the application of this filter
is, however it is built to last.

This is another Parker-Hannifin filter.
I got it off Ebay along with the other one.

This is a final stage water separator and
filter from a Nardi-Atlantic scuba compressor.
It has a nice cartridges filter that can be
replaced by screwing the top off.

These are a pair of Deliquescent Natural
Gas Dryers. They are my third generation
design and the first stage on my
assault on water vapor.

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